Tales from Willow Creek

Stay for a bit and listen, for every Sim has a story to tell…

Chapter 2: Settling Down

Remember how I mentioned that I reckon we made a good start in this Project?

Well, I might have to take that back.

Financially we were off on the right foot.  We worked hard.  It did not take long before both of us received recognition at our jobs.  I am now a Locker Room Attendant and Arvin has moved on to Quality Assurance.

Relationship-wise, nope, not much progress there.

07. Normal life - gym.png

Not only were our work schedules a tad of a conflict, we spent our leisure differently too – as we were both striving to perfect the skills needed to be better at our jobs.  I was usually at the gym striving to improve my fitness while Arvin spends a lot of time in the library studying programming.

08. Normal life - library.png

Back at home we were so occupied keeping our status bars up that we barely interacted with each other.  While I was concerned, I was too preoccupied to attempt to change our status-quo.  Besides, Arvin was a good housemate.

Thankfully, though, Arvin made the first move.  He asked me out on a date.

We visited a bar (forgot its name) in nearby Oasis Spring for some after-work drinks to unwind.  I was pleasantly surprised that despite his seemingly introverted nature, Arvin is a great conversationalist!  We ended up talking for hours about anything and everything under the Sun.

07. On the first date

08. Taking a photo together

And of cos, we had to take a wefie to commemorate the date!


Chapter 1: Moving in

Date: January 1st 2565
Location: Willow Creek

Re:  Program: The Wonder Child Project
Project: RRR (Phase 1)

Greetings Ms. Tesseract,

Congratulations!  Your application to participate in the Wonder Child Project has been accepted.

We have paired you with a fellow citizen of similar age that we have determined to have complementary personality and genetic qualities optimal for child rearing.

You will be given a $22,000 stipend and the choice of lot in Willow Creek to purchase. There you will take up residence as a normal person. You will take jobs in the area of your choosing, and otherwise blend in with the neighborhood.

As part of this program you must reproduce at least once with your assigned mate. The first child born of the coupling will be the ultimate focus of this project, a.k.a. The “Wonder Child”.

After this child is born, you are to devote your entire lives to raising them.  Any efforts to improve yourselves or any subsequent children are to be for the indirect betterment of your Wonder Child.

We remind you that if this Project is successful, it might usher in a new age for Simkind.  Do not ever forget the importance of the work you will be doing.

Once again, we thank you.

Krystoff Yang-Turismmo
Mayor of Willow Creek

I received the acceptance letter 2 weeks ago.  I have been selected to be one of the 20 Sims to take on a challenge that will potentially open up many possibilities in the future for Simkind.

I had sent in my application without much consideration.  I never thought they would have chosen me.  Me… Giselle Tesseract.  I am an ordinary Sim – a simple childhood, uneventful teenage years, and a mundane young adult life.  I wondered what qualities were they really looking for.  Were there not better candidates out there?

No matter, I guess.  I have been given a chance.

For this challenge, I had to relocate.  Willow Creek is quite different from Oasis Springs where I grew up.  More green.  More humid.  Less hot.  I think I will like it here.

02. Moving in together

It was strange meeting Arvin Polygon for the first time.  Outside the home that we will be living in.  This is a man I never knew before today.  This is the man who will be the father of my child(ren), the man I will probably spending the rest of my Life with.

He seems nice enough, but will we be able to pull this off?  Before we have a child, we will have to fall in love… right?

For starters, we are much different.  I love the outdoors, and I pride myself for leading an active lifestyle.  One of the first things I did after putting away my luggage was to take a jog around the neighborhood.  Well paved sidewalks and nicely manicured lawns.  Perfect!

03. Giselle jogging

Phew.  Got home just in time to greet the welcome wagon!  My neighbors are a friendly out-going bunch.  We spent a couple of hours just getting to know each other over some fruitcake and alternative music.  Devin & Lilit McKay, Travis Scott and Liberty Lee. I hope we can be friends eventually!

04. Neighbours welcome party

Arvin though… didn’t seem interested in socializing with the group.  He excused himself as soon as it was polite enough to do so, and spent the rest of the afternoon (and evening) on the computer.  I think he was playing video games and/or practicing programming.

05. Arvin on computer

He told me later that he had decided to embark on the Tech Guru career track, and managed to obtain an entry-level job as a Live Chat Support Agent.

Despite basic education being provided free in Willow Creek, raising a child will require a good amount of funds.  Not to mention, we are supposed to be raising a Wonder Child – that will mean providing the best we can.  Deciding that a single income will be insufficient, I applied with the local sports team.

The previous sporting season had just ended.  The team were in the midst of the reshuffling and hence were not taking on any new athletes then.  After I explained my situation, they offered me a job as a Waterperson, and I gladly took it.  A foot in the door, at least!

Home, check.  Job, check.  I think we made a pretty good start in this Project.

06. Arvin cooking breakfast

Oh… and did I mention that Arvin is a pretty decent cook?

I gotta l2read

I created my Wonder Child Challenge pair yesterday night, moved them into their new home, briefly played them for a little and took a few screenshots.  Mentally I was planning to let them develop their careers – for the money to get better stuff in the home, and skills – so they can pass it on to their kid thru’ mentoring, before reproducing.  Thought I had plenty of time until…

I re-read the Challenge Rules earlier when I was drafting up the page post, and realized that it is a requirement to set the pair’s age to ADULT!  @_@ clearly I didn’t read the instructions well enough, as mine were set to Young Adults.  Ah well, thankfully I didn’t play too far into the game.  Didn’t even get past Day 1, so I can still salvage it with I get home, by aging them using testingcheats.

Note to self, before I start the Apocalypse Challenge, I’ll be sure to read and re-read all the rules cos that one has heaps load more.


Return to Willow Creek

LEARNING TO PLAY AGAIN is not an easy task.

I have forgotten almost everything – the shortcuts, the camera controls, the buy/build mode… etc.  Not to mention, with 2 new expansions installed since I last played, there is also new content to check out.

I couldn’t just pick up from where I left off, in the midst of Legacy challenge.  I cannot afford to fumble that.  I created a new Sim.  Lorelei Flowers.

One of the first stuff I checked out was Clubs.  That came with the [Get Together] expansion pack.  Interesting, but I don’t have time to really explore that right now as I will be starting the Wonder Child Challenge soon.  I just did the mundane.  Got Lorelei a job, made a friend, and started to look around for a mate.

Cool.  There are themed nights at the clubs in the game now.  Aliens…

06-23-16_9-25-30 PM.png

06-23-16_9-44-26 PM.png

Naturally I couldn’t resist hooking my Sim up with someone “different”.  Lorelei spent her time at both parties chatting up members of the opposite gender.

TL:DR – she ended up with an alien mate, and had an alien baby!

06-24-16_10-45-30 AM

And that was pretty much where I stopped playing in favor of creating the duo who will be responsible of bringing the Wonder Child into the Sims-World.

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