LEARNING TO PLAY AGAIN is not an easy task.

I have forgotten almost everything – the shortcuts, the camera controls, the buy/build mode… etc.  Not to mention, with 2 new expansions installed since I last played, there is also new content to check out.

I couldn’t just pick up from where I left off, in the midst of Legacy challenge.  I cannot afford to fumble that.  I created a new Sim.  Lorelei Flowers.

One of the first stuff I checked out was Clubs.  That came with the [Get Together] expansion pack.  Interesting, but I don’t have time to really explore that right now as I will be starting the Wonder Child Challenge soon.  I just did the mundane.  Got Lorelei a job, made a friend, and started to look around for a mate.

Cool.  There are themed nights at the clubs in the game now.  Aliens…

06-23-16_9-25-30 PM.png

06-23-16_9-44-26 PM.png

Naturally I couldn’t resist hooking my Sim up with someone “different”.  Lorelei spent her time at both parties chatting up members of the opposite gender.

TL:DR – she ended up with an alien mate, and had an alien baby!

06-24-16_10-45-30 AM

And that was pretty much where I stopped playing in favor of creating the duo who will be responsible of bringing the Wonder Child into the Sims-World.