I created my Wonder Child Challenge pair yesterday night, moved them into their new home, briefly played them for a little and took a few screenshots.  Mentally I was planning to let them develop their careers – for the money to get better stuff in the home, and skills – so they can pass it on to their kid thru’ mentoring, before reproducing.  Thought I had plenty of time until…

I re-read the Challenge Rules earlier when I was drafting up the page post, and realized that it is a requirement to set the pair’s age to ADULT!  @_@ clearly I didn’t read the instructions well enough, as mine were set to Young Adults.  Ah well, thankfully I didn’t play too far into the game.  Didn’t even get past Day 1, so I can still salvage it with I get home, by aging them using testingcheats.

Note to self, before I start the Apocalypse Challenge, I’ll be sure to read and re-read all the rules cos that one has heaps load more.