Remember how I mentioned that I reckon we made a good start in this Project?

Well, I might have to take that back.

Financially we were off on the right foot.  We worked hard.  It did not take long before both of us received recognition at our jobs.  I am now a Locker Room Attendant and Arvin has moved on to Quality Assurance.

Relationship-wise, nope, not much progress there.

07. Normal life - gym.png

Not only were our work schedules a tad of a conflict, we spent our leisure differently too – as we were both striving to perfect the skills needed to be better at our jobs.  I was usually at the gym striving to improve my fitness while Arvin spends a lot of time in the library studying programming.

08. Normal life - library.png

Back at home we were so occupied keeping our status bars up that we barely interacted with each other.  While I was concerned, I was too preoccupied to attempt to change our status-quo.  Besides, Arvin was a good housemate.

Thankfully, though, Arvin made the first move.  He asked me out on a date.

We visited a bar (forgot its name) in nearby Oasis Spring for some after-work drinks to unwind.  I was pleasantly surprised that despite his seemingly introverted nature, Arvin is a great conversationalist!  We ended up talking for hours about anything and everything under the Sun.

07. On the first date

08. Taking a photo together

And of cos, we had to take a wefie to commemorate the date!