It’s probably been a year since I last played The Sims 4.  I remember purchasing Get To Work but never explored it at all.  The game was left dormant until… the latest Origin Sale.  With Get Together at 50% discount, I couldn’t resist.

Naturally, as always, I started looking for challenges to attempt.  After some discussion with a fellow player, we settled on The Wonder Child Challenge.  It was also decided that we would chronicle our journey in a blog… and hence, on 28 June 2016, Tales from Willow Creek was born.


My intention is for this to be a Sims 4 blog.  Not just for the Wonder Child Challenge, but for other challenges that I will attempt in the future, as well as misc Sims-related musings, “experiments”… etc.  It will not be a guide (there are plenty out there already).  It will be more of an indulgence, an opportunity to simply write.

Yep. It will be a Collection of stories.